History of the Vikings

Halfdan Halegg (Longshanks) p83-5 
Harald (Finehair)
(p50 Heimskringla) 
 Burns down Earl Rognvold or Moer (Nederlands), burns down his house and 60 warriors, then steals 3 ships, set's off to the Hebredies (Isles North of Scotland).  Thorir put in charge (son of Rognvold). Finehair now in control of the Nederlands.
 When he reaches the Hebredies Earl Einer fled, but returned soon after (Autumn) and Halfdan hflees. Halfdan is the one in the Sagas who get's blood Eagled. King finehair bring over a large force and Earl Einer flees to (Caith)Neth (Scotland)
Earl Einer pays a 60 marks of gold fine for killing Halfdan, son of the King. Earl Einer is allowed to keep the islands of Orkney, and the king returns to the East.
p83-5 Heimskringla

Source: Vikings by BBC host of Mastermind, Magnus Magnusson.  I also checked the Hheimskringla, and put those page numbers up for you to check
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