History of the Vikings

Ivar The Boneless

Ivar in England
 With the Danes in East Anglia, Leaves to go to Ireland
(date?  Battle of Hoxne? (Anglo-Saxon Chronicler)

869 the death of King Edmund King of the Angles
 The Norsemen camped in Thetford, that year.
870 Ivar in Scotland - Strathclyde
 Ivar, uses Northumbrian, Irish and Danes to attack the castle
870 Ivar in Ireland, Dublin 
Ivar takes the Kingship of Ireland
871 Ivar in Anglia with his new army
King Guthorm is the leader there. Here Ivar joins him and his people
Now only Wessex & Mercia are not held by the Norsemen. Both pay Danegeld to keep the peace. 
872 The Northumbrian revolt
 Ivar crushes it. in 873
873 Death of Ivar in Ireland 
Source  the Annals if Ulster: Rex Nordmannorum totus Hiberniae et Brittanniae which translates to "King of the norsemen in Ireland and Britain"
877 IVAR 
Source: Vikings by BBC host of Mastermind, Magnus Magnusson 

What the Sagas say:

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 Hoxne.net/history  Death of Edmund
no one knows where Hoxne was but if you follow the link, there are some theories