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Dogdragon Does..... a few photo's from:
 The North Berkshire MCC

Super Trials 2009
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Rider  No. 10  - Jonathon Richardson
Team -  MRS Sherco (125cc)
Rider  No.11 - Maxime Warenghien
Team -  Shirco (125cc)
Rider  No.5 - Sam Haslam
Team -  JST Gas Gas
Rider  No.2 - Michael Brown
Team -  MRS Sherco
Rider  No.9 - James Fry
Team -  Sherco
 Rider  No. 3 -  Loris Gubian
Team -  Gas Gas
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Got to say it, hobbling around the course took some doing, but I did enjoy myself even if I left early.