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 Oxfordshire Toy Run 
When I getting better from the operations I'd had, I put a small web site called the bikersshed.com. I was very with the people at the Radcliffe Infirmary who had saved my life. I like a beer as most of you know, and I have been drinking in the Gloucester arms for years. When I found out they were taking Santa to the hospital to give them there presents, and raising cash for the children's ward, I couldn't just and sit an my backside. I got involved with, I sold raffle tickets advertising for them using my old web site, showing all the prizes for the raffle and who donated what too . Most of the photos earlier toy runs I think have been lost, but I remember we put over £5,000 into their coffers and they built a new children's building in the John Radclifffe. 
 It ran from 1996 (I got involved in '98) until 2001
 The InOXicated MCC were a good bunch too, although I didn't join officialy (even I was offered the sargeant at arms post in the club and with no "prospecting", I was tempted too, but, you know I will not join a club), I was glad to help
All permission for these photographs to be published by the hospital staff and the parents concened.
  I made some good pages for those when I was doing thebikersshed. com, Gary made a better page than this using the stills from the video (on my old facebook) . and he's still running those. Here's the link
Oxford toy run 1996-2001