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 Abingdon Motorcycle Project
a dogdragon did. or two.... or three even
I worked here, teaching lads and lass motorcycle maintenance for about three year.
I didn't get paid but volunteered my services as mechanic (two hours a week) and a spare eye when the lads n lass' were riding. Why did I do it... because I could.

These photographs were taken by me on 17/08/00 at the Practice track at Reading, just off the Basingstoke Road

Getting things started, with a good trailer, a few new machines, in the early days.

Giles always checked a track before anyone was allowed to ride.

A couple of the lads enjoying the track and riding 3/4 size yamaha TTR
125 four strokes

I took these photographs on the 28/01/01 ant the track an Cholsey downs in Oxfordshire. a very demanding track this one.
I didn't even attempt this one.

13-02-02, Dalton Barracks, a small competition between several groups. part riding, part mantanance

the slow section, riding slow can be harder, but teaches control.

Find the biggest puddle of mud and fall off, sound like fun

Prize giving, The Mayor of Abingdon was a bit late, so a suitabe stand in was found

13-08-02, a small practace track near Milton Keynes, 2 proffesionals help us teach some more riding

14-08-02, another day at CJ's track just outside Arncott

only 6yrs old and getting air.

 the heel click

It seemed to work, they could rebuild a bike within 2 hours (engine already complete)

if you want to ride this weekend...

you'd better build the bike!

In go the rear shocks and swinging arm

rear wheel in, and chain adjusted, time to tighten the spimdle nut

Routing wires and cables

1hr 40min later aonly two minor adjustments had to made, good team work.

These photos were taken by me on 17/04/03 think I was able to do the 2 laps of this track, but that was painful.

Some of these lads and lass show potential, there was an ambulance at this event at all times, which was used, 

but no one was seriously hurt, just one person asked to rest.
There was a burger stand there for food

Prize giving by the Army
Thanks for the use of off road training facilities at dalton barracks, and a little advice on techniques.
When we took them riding, we were well prepared. On this training day, taken at CJ practice track near Arncott.

In the three years I helped not one of our younger rider ever had to go to hospital, can't say the same for us though.