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How to remove a front wheel.
1. Put the machine in it's centre stand of pit stand.

2. Remove the disc mud guard, if it has one.

3. Undo and remove the speedo drive from the hub.
 This can be seen just and above the four clamp nuts.

4. Either  loosen the four nuts that hold the clamp, and indo the spindle bolt and remove. Note where spacers or washers go as you do. Or....

4a. Remove the four nuts, and remove the front side of the clamp. These clamps can be underneath of the fork leg on some machines

4b. Remove the four nuts the clamp and the bracket which holds on the disc guard.

5. Pull the front forwards from the fork legs. If it will not come free easily, then check the disc calipers, you might have to prise them apart a little.
Modified for 2009