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Rounded Nuts/Bolt heads
 Some times nuts and heads of bolts get rounded, to mechanic, this usually means grief. If the nut/bolt has been rounded before you started, there is a possibility that the thing is not on too tight anyway, so holding a small chisel at an angle to the head/nut and tapping might be possible.
 If tapping with the chisel does not release the nut/bolt, EASILY, stop! Don't not mash it into a pulp, well not just yet anyway!
 Find a socket, just smaller than the original head/nut (try any, not just metric), add a small small extension bar, Place the socket/bar into the head/nut and using a large hammer, hit the end of the bar repeatedly until it fits eventually. If you have impact driver, wait until the socket is about half way in and replace the bar with the driver, it might release the bolt/nut as you use it.
 Then using a crack bar, undo it.
 If all else fails, grind or drill the head/nut off and treat it as a stud for extraction. Always replace nut/bolts/studs after this sort of treatment, never re-use.