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 Typical Honda fork seal strip down and rebuild
Model Used VF 500c
This is just a general guide.
If you are about to do your own maintenance, using these pages, I take no responsibility if you get things wrong!
1. Remove brake caliper.   
2, Loosen spindle pinch bolt
3. Block up the front of the machine (just below the engine) 
Remove front wheel spindle & wheel
4. Remove mudguard (or fender)
5.  Remove fork brace
6. Remove caps on top of fork 
Then loosen hex cap found under cap(1/4 turn is enough)
7. Loosen the pinch bolts on the yolks, both upper and lower..
8. Slide the leg through the yolks by twisting and pulling down
9. Remove the hex cap from the top of the leg. 
Note: these can be heavily sprung loaded, so kneed a fair amount of pressure on the top end of the ratchet.
10, Remove top sleeve
11, then over a suitable container pour used fork oil out while removing the washer then the main spring
12, loosen then remove the allan bolt at the bottom of the leg
13, making sure you catch the lower lower plunger and spring assembly
 These come free when the allan bolt is totally out
14, remove the dust cap
15, remove the circlip which you'll find above the seal, some you can remove using two screwdrivers, here circlip pliers were necessary
16, pull the two parts of the leg apart, three or four pulls should
 still attached to the top part of the leg from left to right, The old seal, one washer, and two split spacers.
 Using a flat head screw drive open the splits on them and slide them off the leg, followed by the washer and seal
17, replace seal and washer
Remember, when positioning seals, the writing goes up or out, so you should be able to read them. The one I just removed were fitted incorrectly, writing down, no wonder they leaked.
Then replace the two split spacers.
 NOTE: trying to fit seals from the top of the leg damages the seal
18. Slide the top leg leg into the lower, then gently tap the seal into place
19, replace circlip
20, slide lower section into the leg
21, then the spring
22, and replace the washer
23, then slide in the sleeve
24, keeping the sleeve in at the top, fit the allen bolt at the bottom of the leg. I advise using threadlock on this bolt.
25, Keeping the leg upright, fill with the correct amount of fork oil then replace the hex cap.
 Then pump with air to about 6-8 P.S.I
Note : Check your manual before you start using this page, things change for different models, for example, my Kawasaki GPZ1000RX fork seals fit over the forks at the top! Think you should be able to cope with the rest of the rebuild.
Photo's & words: Si
on the spanners, Northern Nick
Modified for 2009