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 Maintenance - Engines
How to remove valves
You will have to remove the head from the engine.
Place the valve spring compressor into position. 
place this part of the spring compressor on thew top of the valve you are trying to remove. Make sure you can see the side of both collets.
This part of the tool should be placed on top of the valve you are trying to remove. Turn the lever clockwise
As you do this, the springs will compress, and you will be able to remove the two collets
inside of the collets there is a small ridge, this fits inside of the groove you will find at the top of the valve
Here I was removing one of the inlet valves on a Honda VT500
To re fit, just reverse the stages above.

This is just a general guide.
If you are about to do your own maintenance, using these pages, I take no responsibility if you get things wrong!
Modified for 2009