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 Maintenance - Engines
Camshaft's & rockers
What should I look for in cam carrier caps?:
1, Check for wear, deep grooves show wear. 
 Signs of bluing usually shows if the cam has over heated. This would happen if the oil fails to get through  for some reason
 cam carrier caps
check here for sign of wear

What should I look for in the cam carriers?:

1. Same with the carrier caps, but also you should check the oil way, make it is not blocked.
check here
and the oil way

What should I look for in the Camshaft

1, Check for scratches on these two parts of the camshaft
on the left, where the runs through the carrier 
and on the right, the cam itself
 Here you can see a cam lobe which has not had enough lubrication.
 The discoleration has been caused by heat. Fortunatly the lobe and rockers are not damaged as we caught the fault early enough.
 (photo from Yoshimura/Suzuki GSXR 750)
2,  check the size on the cam lobe, with a vernier gauge and using your manual, see of it is within the tolerance stated

What should I look for on the cam Sprocket 
(if you have chain type cam drive)

Check the condition of the cam sprocket,  
Under Construction
Note: not all cams are chain driven gear cogs (like Honda VFR750s have) or belt pulley wheels which some cams are driven by, more to come on those in the future I hope
Under Construction

This is just a general guide.
If you are about to do your own maintenance, using these pages, I take no responsibility if you get things wrong!
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