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 Sparks and spark plugs
 The spark plug. Fits in an airtight thread onto the head of the combustion chamber (usualy). A current is sent to the center of the plug (from the coil/HT lead & cap) and the spark jumps accross the gap to the other 
As a rule keep to the type of spark plug reccommended by the manufacturers. There are different or heats and lenghts and widths. Your machine has usuauly set up for the best performance and logevity.
How to clean a spark plug.
1. Make sure the engine is cold, then remove the HT cap from the plug.
2. Using a  plug socket to fit, remove the plug from the head.
3. Using a wire brush, clean the thread and the top of the plug
4. using a piece of wire (a paperclip is what I usualy use) dig out any crap which might have got into the gap between the centre and the threaded part of the plug.
5. Using a bit of emery paper or wet and dry paper clean the contact between the gap where the spark should go,
6.check the gap using a feeler guage. Re-set the gap if neccessary

There are several new types which are usualy for racing and high perfomance, these won't last as long, but you'll get a bigger bang (alledgedly). I'm not going to go into which are the best, as I've not got time to try and test all those on the market

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