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Chains and Sprockets
Drive Chains, Adjustment;
This is just a general guide. If you are about to do your own maintenance, using these pages, I take no
                                responsibility if you get things wrong!

Step by step guide


Tools Needed :
2 12mm open ended spanners
1 pair of pliars
32mm socket and wrench for it, you can use either of these tools to undo the king nut, but constant use of them will lessen the life of the nut. I advise a crack bar and socket though.
1 new split pin!

To see of your chain adjusting, place your forefinger and thump on the lower part of the chain, mid way between the sprockets (use gloves or a bit of tissue if you don't want to get oil ore greese on your hands.
 Mive the chain high as you can, then as low as you can, if there is more than 5cm, then it's time to think about it's adjustment.

1. Make sure the machine is on a centerstand or paddock stand as the job is best done with the rear wheel off the ground. Make sure the machine cannot topple to easily.

2. Using the pliars, streighten and remove the split pin.

3. Loosen, but do nut remove the king nut.

4. Using 1 12mm open spanner, loosen the locking nuts on both sides of the swinging arm

Left side.

Right hand side
5.  Check the adjustment marks on both sides make sure the are the same on both sides and the head of the adjustment bolt is touching the spindle blocks.
 Herer the six marks are clearly marked on the swinging arm.
 There is a lighter scribed mark on both of the blocks. Both of these are mid point between all six in this bike.

Left hand side

Right hand side
6. Using the 12mm open ended spanner, undo the adjustment bolt 180º (2 quarter turns) firstly on the left hand side.

7. Do exactly the same on right hand side. This keeps the back wheel in the correct aleignment.

8. Check the chain, if it's still too loose, repeat steps 6 & 7 until you are happy with the tension.

9. Using one of the 12mm open ended spanners, hold the adjustment bolet still, while using the other 12mm open ended spanner to re-tighten the lock nut. on the right hand side.

10. Do the same on the left hand side.

(only left hand side shown)
11. Re check alignment marks again. When this machine had been adjusted correctly the feint scribe marks on the blocks were both on the 3rd mark (BOTH from the rear or the machine).

Left hand side

Right hand side
12. Re tighten the king nut on the spindle (to the cerect torque if you can.

13. Replace the split pin. Make sure you do! If you dont, the nut could lossen and fall off, then your spindle could move and it could cause an accident.

14. Remove from stand, push the machine forwards a bit and check the chain.
15. Check back brake works before riding. It should.
Also check the brake light. It might now need adjustment.