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Once the carburetors) have been removed from the machine, clean the external parts of the carburetors)
Diaphragm type carburetor

There are more than one type of diaphragm type carburetor. The diaphragm is located at the top of the carb.
These carbs are from a 500Suzuki Slingshot.
A float bowl from a diaphragm type carburetta.
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Slider type carburetor

As both types have a float chamber, check below for more info.
 Basically though, when you unscrew the top of a slider type, the main needle, the slider and a spring will come free. Make sure to note which way the slider goes, there is usually a groove in the slider and a pin inside the barrel.
If you have problems with a fuel injector, then the only advice I can give you is to take it to take it to your dealer.
Cleaning the Float Chamber.
  The float chamber is located at the bottom part of the carb.
Float chambers are found both types of carburetors mentioned.
Firstly remove the 2 or 3 small screws holding the "bowl" to the main part of the carb (top photo). Expect a small amount of petrol (gasoline) to leak from the bowl.
 Using a clean rag, or a hard brush (It is possible to scrape it with a screwdriver too, but take care when doing so) clean as much of the inside of the bowl (left in lower photo). Making sure not to damage the rubber seal. The brass tube you can see in the middle of the bowl itself is an overflow pipe, make sure it is clear.
 In the right side if the lower photo, you can see the float itself. make take care that it does not get damaged.
Removal and cleaning of float
Carefully remove the small pin which holds the float in place. If the brass section (some floats are made of 100% plastic) gets bent, or the float is holed, the float will be have to be replaced. 
 Take care when pulling the float free, in some carbs are attached to the jet, which pulls free along with the float.
 To clean the float it's self, I usually use a small hard brush. if you have the float type showed here hold the float you are cleaning. Hold the other one, you'll probably bend the brass and put the float out of alignment otherwise.
Clean this jet with a small hard brush (an old toothbrush will do the job), and make sure the little pin (beside my thumbnail) is able to return into position when pressed. It's this stops the float chamber from over filling, and the little pin always points down (I'm still laughing as I found this one had been put in upside down, now wonder he was having getting it running properly)
The needle jet is very important, if this gets blocked, you'll get no fuel to your cylinder. Check it by putting it into your mouth and blowing (it tastes foul, but I've still to find a better way), if you can't blow through it, clear it with a needle, making sure you keep the throttle fully open. 
 This done, it's time to replace the float and float back into position.
 If you have more than carb to do, I suggest you do this one carb at a time, or at least remember which float and jet came from which carb.

Cleaning & checking a diaphragm
1. Undo and remove the screws from the top (there can be 2/3 or 4 depending on the machine). Note the postion on the spring on th top, it fit's in the hole on the center of the diaphragm.
2. Check the diaphagm to see if there are any holes in the rubber, or if there is any pereshing. If you find any, replace the diaphragm.
3. Lift the rubber and slider complete with needle and give wipe off any dirt or grit. Keep the the rubber and slider up right as their are small parts which can fall out and get lost.
4.  Note that this carb has a small o ringmake sure you don't lose this. If you do the carb will not work properly, also make sure there are no foreign objects blocking the pipe there.
5 Replace the slider and diaphragm into position on the carb. Make sure that the lip ont the rubber fits snuggly into the groove on the top of the carb, I ususaly lift the slider up and let it drop into position a few time, just to make sure it's sliding freely. now re position the top and screw into place.
Cleaning & checking the Slider
Sorry, you'll have to wait until I have one to work on, but check top right for more info.
To be done!
This is just a general guide.
If you are about to do your own maintenance, using these pages, I take no responsibility if you get things wrong!
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