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 Throttle cables
Trottle to carb: Click Here
1. Find the cable run (from handlebar to carburetor), remember which route it uses, and make sure that none of the wires are pinched in any way. Move the handle bars to the right as far as they can go  (full lock), then as far as it can go to the left. (Remove tank or panels if necessary)

Right handle bar to

head stock, to..

2.  If there is an adjuster on the handlebar, adjust it so that it is as loose as it can be.

3. Then undo the adjusters on the carburetors). Remember roughly where the settings were before you remove the cables, you will need to know when it comes to replace them.

4. Remove the cables from the wheel on  the carb(s).You'll find this near the top of the carb. Remember which cables are the top and bottom.
5. Remove the two screws from the clamp on the handlebar, and remove the clamp.
6. Make sure you remember where the cable run in the grip, and check for damage by fraying or pinching. Then remove the cables from the connectors.
 If these cables are frayed /pinched or snapped, it's best to replace them
 On this model you would have to undo the two screws (one each side for each side) on the throttle housing.
7. If you can see no damage, try to sliding the individual cable through the outer casing. If it sticks, then replace the cable.
 If the problem remains, then see below:

If the cables are undamaged, but you still have a sticky throttle, next check the handlebar & grip.
If there is still a sticky throttle, check the sliders in the carburetors)

Cable fitting
1. Starting at the Handle end, feed the two cables through the cable housing, and replace the guide (if it has one, see photo) and the access screw

2. Feed the barrel nipples through the holes (photo shown in 6 above)

3. Replace the clamp screws

4. feed the cables through the run, through the yolks and under the tank, make sure that neither of the cables can be pinched when the handlebars are on full lock.
5. Feed the barrel nipples into the wheel on the carb (see 4 above). Make sure the cable is in the groove provided. make sure you know which cable is which. In this case the top one has no adjuster, so do this cable first and tighten up the nut. 

6. The lower cable has, place it into position, and pull the cable outer, gently, to take up the slack and tighten up the back nut gently, then tighten up the locking nut (the one nearest to the front of the machine)

Just  above the carb you'll find these connections

the adjuster bolt (above)
7. Check and take up any slack up on the other cable by undoing the adjuster on the handle bar adjuster (if fitted).
8 And tightening the locking ring.
This is just a general guide.
If you are about to do your own maintenance, using these pages, I take no responsibility if you get things wrong!
Model used XR400 Honda
Modified for 2009