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Dogdragon Does.....
A few photos from the day of champions
Donington Park '07
If you'd like more information about Riders for health, click the link below:
I planned things well before I decided to ride up to the circuit, bike ran well on test night before etc, but things very rarely go to plan, there was a small oil leak so, I had to get more oil before I left and find the leak and fix it. that cost me an hour. half way, I inadvertently filled up with diesel, so I had to drain the fuel system, then refuel. That cost me about another hour, but at least the bike didn't let me down (only rebuilt that engine last week).
 It then decided to rain on us. fortunately I had waxed the leathers the night before, so I didn't get too wet. I was in a lot of pain, I got a few photo's and a bit of vid footage before the camera decided to pack up on me. which means I didn't get any photos of the 800 cc riders, and I decided to ride home a bit earlier than planned too. 
 Having said that, the day went well for the charity, the auction raised just over £100,000  and if you've never been to one of these days, I can recommend it,

not only do you get the chance to get closer to the riders.....
but there were stunt riders
some vintage bikes to see.
You could have gone round the circuit on a sidecar
as well the usual manufacturers stands
Total cash Raised  £217.000 for the day
Well done and congratulations to all involved.

   If you get the chance next year, stick it in your diary of places to go.
I'll be watching the racing on eurosport as usual (I'm watching the Fridays practice as I write this page).