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A few piccies from the 
Riders for Health 
Day of Champions
Silverstone 2010

 Mr Rider talking to Bradley Smith 

Mr Rider talking to Luthi

James Toseland

and crash

Lads from www.xtremetrials.co.uk/ doing one of their many tricks

bloodhound ssc.
1000 MPH jet car
Riders for Health
If you've never been to one of these days, you've missed a good oppertunity to get close to some of the stars, and of course, you missed Crash playing, (James Toseland ain't bad when his tonsels are warmed up).
 Got to say it's good to see international bike racing back (The man who funds this site used to rent the curcuit for club races back in the 60's ...cost £250 for the weekend). I'll be watching on tv. Oh and hanks to Dave and the rest on security.
In case anyone is wondering... I paid the £15  for my ticket and the and the £3 cloakroom ticket £10 for petrol myself as usual. I think it was worth it.