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 A Few piccies from...
The Lacotas MCC Pet - Run
I managed to get to the pet run, at the Kite, but unfortunatly the bike didn't make it all the way, for the presentation, the leak in the water pipe from the radiator got a bit bigger and I had to let the bike cool down, before trying to get it home. At least I got to ride home and had time to fix the leak before the evening do.
  It got me to pub later too, where there was a good 2 man band, as well good beer (Titanic) and good company.
Here, the photo's of the run, but got to say it could have been better footage, n better photo's.
 For more info check the lacotas mcc web site at www.lakotamcc.co.uk (No longer running, but remembered at least)
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