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Dogdragons photo's from the Caldarium MCC Hex Rally 2011
I enjoyed myself at this years Hex rally. I took my photo's on Saturday afternoon, Sorry it's only a few of the machines that were there. If you were out on the road at that time, I might have missed you. For more info, check with the caldarium mcc as they know who won what.
As many of you know I couldn't stay for the whole rally as pain stopped play. At least I got there.
Would I go again???? Oh yeah!


Main Attractions - Colossus (& beer!)
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The smashed pumpkins (& more beer)

Bikes (& more beer)
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Paulines Gixer

Snubbed V Max

A black V twin

Trikes (& even more beer)
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Blue V Max trike

Angie's Half a beetle

Reliant trike
That's the lot.
Click/press here for the clubs website

Zonbie pirate VW trike
There were plenty silly games to play too, but you you know I don't take photo's of people (well not by design anyway, some did get in the background) 
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