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Some Piccies From The Caldarium MCC -  Egg-Run 2006
Well, I got up late for this one, and the Main dual carriage was shut for repairs, so I arrived at the Plough at Arncot, a bit late to set up any good photo's before the run, so the first photos' are a little shakey. It was also the first time I'd taken out the RX for a proper run since it's last rebuild too.
 There were over 100 bikes involved and the local ITV news crew were there too, although I haven't seen any of the footage yet ( I hope there's was better than mine, I seemed have had a small glitch which has lost a fair amount of mine).
 We visited several special needs schools in the area and various presentations were made. For more info of those, you'll  have to wait the launch of the clubs new web site, so soon as I have their URL, you'll be able to learn more.
 At least the bike behaved reasonably well and I was able to make it the pub for the evening bash.
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