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1901 Singer Motorwheel tricycle
1902 They made a bycicle fitted with the motorwheel, photo's coming soon

George Singer began manufacturing motorised three-wheelers in 1901, 1202 were fitted to bicycles too.
Singer developed a 222 cc four-stroke single using an engine design bought from former Beeston employees Edwin Perks and Frank Birch.
A unique feature of the Perks-Birch design was that the engine, fuel tank, carburettor and low-tension magneto were all housed in a two-sided cast alloy spoked wheel. 
It was probably the first motor bicycle to be provided with magneto ignition. The design was used by Singer & Co in the rear wheel and then the front wheel of a trike.
In 1904 he developed a range of more conventional motorcycles which included 346 cc 
two strokes and, from 1911, side-valve models of 299 cc and 535 cc. In 1913 Singer & Co offered an open-frame ladies model.
Singer & Co stopped building motorcycles at the outbreak of the First World War.

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