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Dogdragons photo's from:
The Motorcycle Live Show 2014 
Other machines
Under construction
1983 Maitland Yamaha
1984 Kawasaki GPZ900R
1985 Godden
1985 Honda VF1000R
2015 Triumph Tristar
2015 CB125
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Although I try my best to identify each models, I can not guarantee they are correct.
There another 3 that I photographed at the show but the photosuites is playing around at the moment. I mighht add them at a later date if I get time and the software sorted. I should also mention that I ran out of battery power after taking around 800 photo's and I was in severe pain when leaving the NEC for the 60mile bike ride on the fireblade.
 I only began to enjoy the show around 2 days after I was there, going through the photo's and looking in detail of the machines, most of which I had not sdeen or seen rarely... I know a few of you appreciate the effort I put into building these galleries. To the most part, I do enjoy putting them together, and to those who say I have too much time to waste.... I woulkd ask what they would do if they found themselves bedridden had thier liscence revoked for medical reasons and was tols you would never ride again... that was the situation I found myself in 1997- 1998 I started my 1st bike website. 2000 got liscence back and still got clean one.