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Dogdragons photo's from:
NEC Classic & Vintage motor show 12-11-2011
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Note: I love doing these shows. I learn as I research the models. 
Some get upset when I show these photo's, but I will say this: IF I hadn't put these, some people would have never heard of the manufacterer or museum.
and as every show is different (from my experience in the past), people will turn up each year.
The photo's might be good, but it's never as good seeing these machines with your own eyes

Triumph Bandit 350

AJS 660cc in line four


Norton 16H with sidecar 1922

Royal Ruby

Norton Model 18

1926 Royal Enfield


Continental GT 250cc

BSA Blue Star

Triumph Speed Twin Chop

B.S.A. M20

Slippery Sam

B.S.A. Bantams

From The U.S.A. 

1959 Harley Davidson  sidevalve 

Indian Scout

European Machines

M.V Augusta  750s

1904 Peugeot

Early MV Agusta moped

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