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My rides been Stolen 
Honda VTR1000 F (Firestorm)
1997, 105 BHP
Stolen Recovered, cost 350 Pounds- stolen again Stolen 10th July 2011 -2:30am

Was not running, and I went through the falts I needed to fix

Brakes were O.K., Tyres too. New seat needed

Bakini fairing brackets, plastic, snapped. Nasty handle grips and bars

Why  would want to spray silver onto carbon fibre cans is a mystery to me (remembers... fingerprint powder now, I wonder what is the best thing to use)... 
Exhausrt pop rivet  into a flimsy bracket.Most had ripped free.
He's changed the rear plastics & given the seat another 4" in hight

Swinging arm needed polishing

Oh dear, not going through this, but, I did sort things wiring wise.

Bent levers and nasty grips, have to go

I've also had to clean the rear carb, bit of fuel starvation on rear pot
and of course a bit of a re-spray after getting it running
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