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Don't forget Bike night is every Monday through summer
Dogdragon Does.....
A few photo's from H Cafe - Berinsfield Oxon 2011
Captains cup 2011

Best of show - Big Dog Motorcycles
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The Undertaker

Nigels Busa with NO2
(updated photo's)

Schaefers B king
(with skinny rear tyre)

Commando 850 (1976)

B.S.A Rocket three (1972)

Sunbeam S7

B.S.A Road Rocket

Kawaski 900 (1974)

Leverda Jota 3x (1984)

Kawasaki 750 H2 (1972)

Suzuki GT 500 (197?)

TZR 125 (1993)

Suzuki 350 (1972)

Honda RCB1000

Berts Last one (but 1)

CB750Four Cafe racer (1978)

CBR rr 400 (1987)

CBR RR FireBlade (2003)

Ducati Monster

Can Am Spyder

Yamaha trike

Note. I'm not always at the cafe for Mondays, but when I'm there I usualy only bikes that catch my eye
Not all bikes I photograph end up my site unfortunatly, sorry about that.
Short page this year due to unforseen cercumstances, but I will be adding more over the coming weeks

Used to be Foxys Diner
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