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World of motorcycleS
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a few photo's from  Calne 2012

Harley Davidson Model F 1915

Ariel Red Hunter 1930

A.J.S Model 18 500cc 1956

Douglas Model O 1914

B.S.A. A7 Race Cafe

B.S.A Glold Star

B.S.A. Firebird Scrambler

B.S.A. A7 Shooting Star 

B.S.A. Super Rocket 

B.S.A. Thunderbolt

Norton Dominator 99

Norton 650SS

Norton Dominator 99 1960

Triumph Twenty One 3TA 1965 

James Commando

Triumph Tiger 100 SS

Ducati Narrow Case 1966

Moto-Guzzi Falcone?

Moto-Guzzi 750S 1975

Kawasaki KH 250 1976

Douglas - Vespa

Honda 78 1964 
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Although I try my best to identify each models, I can not guarantee they are correct.
Many caught my eye, but I couldn't get good photo's as the machines were tightly packed.....w.y.s.i.w.y.g