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Dogdragons Does a few photo's from....
Brackley Festival of Motorcycles 2012.
Vintage & Classic machines
British Vintage Machines 
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B.S.A. S/H29 1924

A.J.S. 7 H.P.


HRD HD60 350cc JAP sidevalve 1926

Norton Model 19R 1955

Royal Enfield Model K 1140cc late 30's

Velocette MSS500

Vincent Rapide 

Velocette MSS500
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Although I try my best to identify each models, I can not guarantee they are correct.
Many caught my eye, but I couldn't get good photo's as the machines were tightly packed.....w.y.s.i.w.y.g
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Note I missed the chance to photograph the Velocette 350MAC But never mind... I still can't date MSS, but at least I know how to tell the difference.
Left side crank case... just above the main drive cog.... It tells you... well it does on the ones saw.
& Thanx to all who brought their macines for us to see,.
MorA Special thanx to Joy Collins, without her I doubt I'd have done the Brit. section
Verion 3