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Dogdragons Does a few photo's from....
Brackley Festival of Motorcycles 2012.
Custom bikes, a trike & misc.
Click on photo's for more of each machine

Spiders' Big Dog

A Coy Chopper

Barbed 96

Copper plate HD

Cadillac Trike

Heidis' Hog

A fireblade & chair

The Millyard was there too
But I'll use the Calne photo's as they were better

A simple twist of fate
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Brackley photo's
Many caught my eye, but I couldn't get good photo's as the machines were tightly packed.....w.y.s.i.w.y.g
Note: there were a few  machines I have photographed before, but I'm not going to put those in here.. it would take too long.
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