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Dogdragon Does..... 
The Beach Race, 
Weston-supermare 2003
This Annual event is well known, with up to or more 1000 riders the start line, 40' mountains of sand to ride up, and a over 4 mile circuit, much of which is loose sand, which if you have tried to ride on, you'll know much of a nightmare it can be. I rode for about 250 yards, just to find how hard it was, I can tell you that I don't know how they do it.
I was working with the Abingdon Motorcycle Project on this one, I helped a little to prepare the bikes with C.J. and we entered two of the 3/4 sized TTR125 yamaha's we had. Due to being on crutches for the day of the race (and for quite a lot longer), I mainly looked after the 11, 11-17yr old lads we took, who had a good day. I did enjoy it though.
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