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B.S.A. Photo's 1965-1972
1965 Lightning A65T
1967 B 40
1967 V44 Victor Roadster
1968 Lightning Hornet
1968 Thunderbolt
1969 B25 Fleetstar
1969 Firebird
1970 Thunderbolt
1971 Firebird
1971 Rocket III
1971 Thunderbolt
1972 Rocket III
B.S.A. Rocket III racer
B.S.A. Fury 350cc Prototype
1975 B.S.A./N.V.T 500cc Prototype
A basic history of B.S.A. Motorcycles up to 1965-1972:
1965 Lightnings continued as well thunderbolt, Rockets, Spitfires Last of the B40's, SS90's A65R rockets and Beagles.
1966 Start of the Hornets and Victors, Last of the SS60's and A65 Star twins,
1967  B40WDF & Barracudas buiilt one year only. Last of the C15's.
1968 Start of the B26 Starfires, B25SF Fleetstars and A65F. Firebird scramblers, Last of the A65S Spitfires and A50 Wasps
1969 Start of the Rocket 3s
1970 Last of the Victors and B25 Starfires
1971, Start if the B50ss Gold Stars, Last of theFleetstars
1972 Last of everything built from Small Heath, some at Meriden
1973 B.S.A. Sold toNVT (Nortotn Villiers Triumph)
1975 BSA Prototype 500cc
1975 the end... for now at least. The name lives in Regal, 
Factory video 
Part 1   Part 2
Part 3   Part 4
& the name lives on in 
B.S.A. Regal
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In some countries the model name chages, on home soil this they are named above.
I am not listing all the B.S.A. Models, I will leave that to Wiki. Just the one's I have photographed and a few that are interesting

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Photographs by S. Broberg
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