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B.S.A. Photo's 1950-1965
1950 Golden Flash 
1951 B32
1952 MC1 Prototype
1955 B31  now with Swinging arm
1955 Road rocket
1957 Gold Star Clubman
1957 A7 Shooting Star
1958 Super Rocket
1960 A7 Shooting Star
1962 Rocket Gold Star
1965 Lightning A65d
A basic history of B.S.A. Motorcycles up to 1950-1965:
1950 First of the Goldern Flash' Two scooters were produced, but neither of them did well 
1951, B.S.A. buys Triumph
1953 Fiest of the A10 Super Flash, - Last of the C10s, C11s (C10L remain until '57
1954 B.S.A. enters the Daytona beach race they placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th riding  Goldstars and Shooting stars
1955 Last of the M20's
1957 last of the B32s, B34s, C10L's
1958 Last of the C12s. Start of the C15s'
1960 Last of the B33s
1961 B.S.A. employs 4,300
1962 Last of the Goldern Flashs' - First of the A10 Rocket Glold Star, SS90 (High performance B40) 
1964 1965 Jeff Smith wins the FIM 500cc Motocross world championship on his B40 First of the 
A65 Rockets, Thunderbolts Spitfires & Lightnings 
B.S.A. 1910-1950
B.S.A. 1965-1975
B.S.A. Bantams
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I am not listing all the B.S.A. Models, I will leave that to Wiki. Just the one's I have photographed and a few that are interesting

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Photographs by S. Broberg
Although I try my best to identify each models, I can not guarantee they are correct.