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Dogdragons Photo's 
B.S.A. S27/S28? 500cc 1928-29?
wrong tank? All the ones I have found have flat tanks set underneath top frame tube
1926 single BSA's were belt drive & some had cylinder (round) tanks.
1929 had these tanks, but those I've seen are slopers. see links below for more info

I went on my usual hunt...
S25 - Vin & Vet
S26 - Yesterdays
S27 - Yesterday
S28 - Yesterdays
S29 Sloper  -Yesterdays
So the machine above is period 28/29. as for it being factory built machine I couldn't say for sure,
but, it is possable that there were a few of the old engines left which were put into the new rolling chassis
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